Monday, December 21, 2009

Another shelf, more conventional..

Well, another shelf unit completed.. this one is more recognisable as a shelf, more normal. Better than normal, since normal these days is particleboard with a picture of wood on the surface. You know the type of thing, purchaced in a little box, from a store in a big box, some assembly required. Particleboard has no structure, though, beyond the glue, and sags with use. If it gets wet, it dissolves completely..

The assembly is 36 inches wide, 30 inches tall, and about 10 inches deep. the shelves and top are assembled by glueing plywood splines in routed grooves. I used painted 1/8 inch plywood as a backing surface.

Poplar plywood shelves are faced with meranti strips, glued and nailed. I used a strip on the bottom of the shelf as well, as a foot, for durability. The wood surfaces are sanded to 320 grit, finished with my workhorse finish, penetrating danish oil.
Proportions? Eh, it looks like the top shelf could be a bit higher, so the lower shelf could have some taller items. Other than that, it feels pretty good to me. Any comments?

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